Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 44th Birthday, my lucky number is 22, so hopefully this year I have 2x the luck. So far I’m feeling very teary and emotional, not sad necessarily, though I miss my Dad the most on my Birthdays. It’ s still hard not to hear him  say “Happy Birthday Bobs”, but I can hear it in my memory and I’ll have that..forever.

This is my Dad & his Jack Russell Travis in Madison Square Park, his memorial bench is right near where this was taken, if you’re ever there stop and say hi.

So that’s no fun, and being here feels a little lonely, but I felt that way in Philly too and I had piles of friends nearby.

Also I dearly miss my old eyebrows, they were mistakenly removed the day after my grandmother died, I was getting them done so I would look nice for the funeral, and the lady who I curse to this day, took off about 95% of my what were then FABULOUS eyebrows. Instead of looking nice for the  funeral I looked a little surprised, quite bizarre and as though I was taking a baroque approach to mourning. I miss my Grandma Bella too, much more than my eyebrows, I’m not  total diva-monster. If she were still around we could go get a cup of coffee and a little something just the two of us–and now I’m crying again.

My husband left me a lovely bunch of flowers, a bottle of Bonnie Doon Vin De Glaciere Rose – one of my favorite wines- and some Lavender Bubble bath…I think he’d like me to relax a bit.

photo 1 (1)

I picked some Lilacs and smelled the morning air…it was  just. ..perfect. There was a huge Raven ( maybe it was a crow I’m not 100% on the difference) and the squirrel with fuzzy ears hanging out on the front lawn, The Raven was really really big, though not knocking at my chamber door or anything.

This is a Raven, not the Raven from my yard but a Raven.

Since they still have not put the newest episode of RHOC On Demand, I took the high road and  opted for music and last Sunday’s NYTimes crossword that I never got around to finishing during breakfast. I made cappuccino, a toasted everything bagel, two fried eggs and had that for breakfast along with a bowl of raspberries. It was a nice breakfast, I shared it with the cats, well one of them licked my bagel and the other two stared at me the whole time, thats how they share.

photo 2 (1)
Hank helping with the crossword.

It got me thinking about what would be my perfect breakfast.. in fact what would be a perfect birthday of meals, a lot of people contemplate their last meal, but thats too morbid for today… I’m going to choose to create my

Best Birthday Ever menu… 


Cappuccino with 2% milk & Muscavado Sugar
Fresh Pink Grapefruit Juice

Strawberries or Raspberries ( Strawberries only if I still lived closer to the Mason Dixon, but up here in the North they haven’t shown up yet )

Toasted Bialy with Hot Smoked Salmon, Cucumber &  Russ & Daughters Caviar Cream Cheese


Warm Pistachio Croissant
Lavender Earl Gray Tea


French Breakfast Radishes w Butter & Salt
Chicken Liver Mousse Crostini
Little Gems Lettuces with Mustard/Black Olive Vinaigrette & Warm Goat Cheese
Frites with Aioli
Sparkling Panna

Afternoon Coffee +

Iced Americano
 Mocha Eclair


Very Cold Champagne
3 Raw Oysters
1/2 Cold Lobster w Tomalley Mayo

Fresh Tagliatelle with White Truffle Butter & Parmigiano Reggiano (European appetizer size)


Dry Aged Porterhouse w Anchovy Butter
Grilled Thick Asparagus w Lemon & Salt

Ripe Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam
Dried Nectarines & Toasted Hazelnuts

Coffee with Cognac, Cream & Muscavado Sugar
Mignardise – tiny & delightful and at least one should have flowers

Then I would pass the fuck out.  Really I think this day could happen without total food fatigue if everything was small, also I think maybe I should’ve been French. Ideally each of these meals would be with at least one person who I love. And now I’m teary again.

OK time to officially start the day, have to get dressed and get myself to town, I have a lunch date with my neighbor at noon and then have exciting  plans to look for cabinet knobs- I am looking for one (only one becasue I’m not crazy) that is shaped like a chicken or a peacock and a few others that are metallic in a Boho/French Country style – which BTW is the design aesthetic for our little cottage)

photo (1)

(If anyone would like to send a belated Bday gift- Russ & Daughters does do Mail Order, also looking for objet d’art that fit the concept- especially looking for something fabulous with a peacock on it – unless you super love me and have lots disposable income, then we need a couch)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. Ali, you are AMAZING!!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart! I almost called you this AM … so happy I didn’t so you could reminisce, sad but sweet and just ‘plug into’ your Special Day. Thanks for sharing a pic of Ira, so sorry we never got to meet him, he was a special person & very handsome. Breakfast sounds lovely. What time would you like us for dinner?? YUM! Things have been more than crazed here for us, albeit all good (fill you in later) so we have done nothing for your or Christians B days. We probably can’t buy a whole couch, but a contribution?? I will check with Fletch, I think he will love the idea if you do. Enjoy your lunch date & shopping …will call you later, LOVE YOU, Kait


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