Erev Yom Kippur

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The High Holy Days are upon us, now I am a cultural Jew, not the most observant, not even a Religious Jew, I don’t speak Hebrew, I never went to Hebrew School, I’m not even entirely sure that I even believe in God- But I do have strong feelings about Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur. I love the idea of taking a specific time and reflecting on the past year in an emotional and spiritual way. It feels different from the Other New Year., it feels more personal. I have made it part of my journey to take these ten days and try to let go of some of my resentments of the year, some of my anger, my disappointment. My personal vow is to think more outside myself, and when I do get mired in the bullshit that is in my own head to find ways to relieve the pressure by taking action outside my ego, to do something for someone else. I am finding that the best way to combat my egomanical instincts, my self pity party, my feelings of being less than – is to turn outward and focus away from me me me and take my negative energy and use the momentum to do some thing good, something kind. We’ll see how it goes, for now that’s the plan.

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Yom Kippur is the day of Atonement, it is when Jews ask God for forgiveness…but here’s the part I like, you can only ask God to forgive you for something you have done to God– not to anyone one else, and you cannot ask for forgiveness from God until you’ve cleared the slate with your fellow humans. The only person who can forgive you for doing wrong is the one you have wronged. That’s is Erev Yom Kippur, the day before the Holiday….. If I’ve done anything in the past year to offend anyone, or have acted unkindly, selfishly, rudely or neglectfully- I hope I am forgiven. (unless you were a real dickhead then, sorry no can do– Just Kidding-sort of, maybe, ok yeah I am )

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On Yom Kippur, is a day or reflection and remembrance, I take the day to remember my Father, My Grandparents, My Friends and other Family who are no longer with me. I remember the love I felt from them and the impact they had on my life. I take the time to feel sad that they are gone. It is, I think, an excellent way to spend a day, especially a day without eating. Yom Kippur is a fasting holiday, its not so bad, its just day. Sadness is not the worst thing in the world, I think so many people confuse being sad or feeling lost with depression, I think if everyone set some time aside to feel their sadness they’d be a lot happier in the long run.

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Aside from all this personal reflection I’ve had some time to cook and to figure out what my next move in life is going to be, I quit my server job, it wasn’t the right place for me. I thought so in the beginning but I just didn’t jibe with the way things were there post summer. There are a few possibilities in the air, just found out that there may be a position open that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE as well as a freelance gig that would BE AMAZING- if it was all up to me and I could do both of those jobs I’d be so on the path to career fulfillment. But I am going to try to contain my disappointment if neither come through.

I owe some recipes and will have a few extra posts this week- with recipes, menus & farm share.But for now here are a few snapshots from the past few weeks…


Went to the Common Ground Fair….

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Made Meatloaf & Tomato Braised Green Beans for 120 +

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And they liked it … they really liked it!!!!


Had a somewhat Bizarre Rosh Hashanah Dinner- THANK G-d for John & Randi or it would’ve been a disaster.

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Matzoh Balls
photo 4 (2)
Roasted Carrots with Prunes + Honey Cake & Pear Bread Pudding
photo 1 (2)
Chicken Roasted with Saffron, Aleppo Pepper & Fennel Pollen + a Pomegranate Relish
photo 2 (2)
My take on Tsimmes Honey Roasted Carrots, Beets & Squash with Prunes over Apricot Pine Nut Cous Cous
photo 2 (3)
Apples & Honey
photo 3 (2)
Breakfast the next day left over cous cous with freid egg, yoghurt & hot sauce–so pretty





Last Night I made Mac & Cheese with Homemade Kimchi & Smoked Ham- It was kinda great- just needed a slightly different cheese selection- Jack over aged Cheddar next time-

Kimchi + “American Cheese” is amazeballs…BTW- esp on a burger

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