Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, Juno, Blizzard of 2015

Well, we certainly can’t complain about the hype up here in Maine, it legit snowed y’all.

photo 4 (1)

It snowed into my house, the winds were so strong they blew snow into any crack in the house it could find, of which there are many.This explains why it is so f’ing cold in our house, especially the bathroom, where I could probably keep dairy products if it wasn’t a disgusting thing to do or if I actually had a plethora of dairy products, which I don’t, in fact I ran out of milk during the snow storm, and my little Farrah was crying for milk as she does every so often and I had no milk for her.

photo 3

It was very Dickensian there for a moment, there I was wrapped in a shawl, wearing finger-less gloves in the house whilst my tiniest most fragile charge  wailed from hunger, from a lack of sustenance, I stood wringing my knitwear festooned hands, powerless to end her suffering.

In reality, the cat had dry food, wet food, and fresh clean water so she was really just being a jerk.

Speaking of Farrah she has over 1100 likes on her Facebook page, which is insane. OK yes it is even more insane that she  has a Facebook, given the fact that she is a cat and neither reads nor writes, nor is she capable of uploading a photo.

photo 1

However it is keeping my social media/ marketing muscles working, I have a place to experiment and see how things work. I guest blogged for a European cat blog and that got her about 400 likes, then a week or two ago she just started getting all these likes, so I worked it, “we” liked other cat pages, I developed a voice for her and she reposts cat-centric articles and is very interested in cat rescues and adoptions.

Oh also I tried on a selection of Warby Parker frames, though did not go look through the box where we think my prescription is, so I did half of what I need to do to get my glasses so I can see things that are more than 6′ 1

So what did I cook during my snow day? Really nothing, and  why? Well I really didn’t feel much like baking, or having sweets in the house (still have a freezer full of Xmas Cookies), I ran out of parchment so bread wasn’t going to happen. Also I really didn’t feel like washing any dishes after breakfast.

For breakfast I made open faced English muffin, egg, bacon, avocado sandwiches, and let me tell you the next time you are making a leisurely English Muffin…butter it with soft butter when raw then toast in a hot oven, its a whole different animal really crispy crunchy and buttery, everything they promise to be but often aren’t.

Then I did nothing, pretty much nothing at all didn’t even watch something significant on TV, just sort of sat around watching Special Victims Unit and eating random things like spice gum drops and everything bagel chips. I did take a shower and blew out my hair which saved some time today. Oh and I took a nap, we all took naps.

photo 4 (1) photo 5 photo 3

 I made dinner according to the planned menu.


photo 2

I pan seared the pork chops in bacon fat & butter, then brushed them with Dijon mustard, grainy mustard and mustard oil and set on a sheet pan covered in mustard greens to roast off.


I made grits without milk (this was hours before discovering the evap). I added some way past due half and half that, lets just pretend I intentionally turned to creme fraiche, couple of tablespoons of nutritional yeast, a nice hit of siracha, some brown butter and sharp cheddar… they were awesome, though I wish I had the scallions that I wasted on the terrible fake Chinese food I tried to make on Saturday, I made a cider vinegar/mustard vinaigrette to finish the whole dish, but forgot then all about it.


photo 2 (2)

 All in all it was pretty good, though needed needed acid, that hit of forgotten vinaigrette would’ve made it perfect. And then we had peanut butter sundaes!

We never have dessert like that, but we’d been talking about Reese’s Pieces  for two days and my lovely husband went out after shoveling and got vanilla ice cream and Reeses Pieces, you may wonder why he did not get milk and you know what, so do I.


I made a warm peanut butter sauce, and that, not the crying cat, not the grits for dinner, is what sent me on my search for a can of evaporated or condensed milk , which I found in the cat food/treat cabinet on the top shelf behind the red solo cups along with 4 cans of pumpkin. (yes I gave some to Farrah, and she loved it)  I didn’t take a picture because my phone battery died from playing Angry Birds.


Snowmageddon Peanut Butter Sundaes

Enough vanilla Ice cream for 2 (I don’t judge this could be two scoops or two pints)

Handful Reeses Pieces- roughly chopped

Chocolate syrup, chocolate ganache or 2 year old Magic Shell (whatever you happen to have)

1 Recipe Peanut Butter Sauce


Peanut Butter Sauce for 2

  • 1 tablespoon unsalted butter
  • 2 tablespoons dark brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (creamy or chunky whatever you have)
  • 1/4 cup evaporated milk
  • dash of vanilla
  • flaky sea salt


  1. Melt butter and sugar together
  2. Whisk in peanut butter & milk
  3. Whisk all together until smooth
  4. Remove from heat, whisk in vanilla
  5. Serve warm with light dusting flaky sea salt

This would be good over pancakes, or pound cake or banana cake and if you wanted to make a Elvis Sundae you could use banana ice cream and finish with bit of chopped candied bacon, also nice over dark chocolate ice cream if that’s your thing.


photo 2

If peanut butter is not your thing…this is easy and amazing , dark chocolate melted over toasted baguette, drizzled in very good olive oil with a bit of salt and a bit of hot pepper flakes (could also use orange zest)–better than Nutella, especially if the chocolate isn’t too sweet.


If you do such things please take a moment and follow @dinnereverynite on twitter, also if you’ve read and like my ebook PLEASE PLEASE leave a review, and mention this blog in the comments. If you haven’t read it, please do, it will give you some great ideas on what to cook for dinner!
Ciao for now bitches…XOXO

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